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Occasionally we let someone in, we open the folds of our insecurity and give access to the darkest parts of us. We hand over the key, and it’s terrifying. And sometimes they bump into a raw nerve, they say a callous insensitive remark, they ridicule a strange notion we have, they poke at our dreams just a bit. It hurts pretty bad and we push them out and fold up fast. We remind ourselves, “This is why I don’t let anyone in.” And we run.

It’s right here that most people apologize like crazy. They feel terrible. They were trying to figure out how to navigate the labyrinth of your wonderful story. It’s like holding a tiny flash light in a cave of a new world. They didn’t mean to provoke those old wounds. They didn’t mean to poke fun at your dreams. They considered it an honor that they held the key, even for a few frenzied moments.

Intimacy takes work, trust, wounds, hurts, sculpting in the dark: and that takes time. It takes more than a single chance. Of course we can close the doors, at any second, when we know it just won’t work. But there are many opportunities if we had trusted a little longer, reset the tempo, and spoke up louder: it would’ve been okay. Bridges would be built. New stories are made. You find your hand closing around theirs. They begin to traverse the folds of your heart with ease, and they learn to say those things which give life, which give freedom, which grow dreams. Intimacy is formed out of stumbling, but further down the path: there is so much light, so much laughter, so many steps to the horizon together.

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Lord, I just want to trust everything under Your management. #devo #prayer
That gay up there deserves a #throwback somehow. :-)  #USeP

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A Love Letter to the Little Things: vol. IV
To automatic sprinklers on hot days, I love you. Thank you for always managing to water the sidewalk as I’m running past. Your mist is a lot like God’s goodness, I think; you spring up from the ground and keep things alive. I didn’t do anything to deserve your refreshing mist, and yet you’re always there to cool me down. Thank you for teaching me to look for grace in unexpected places. You give me what I need to keep moving forward.

So, akala ko okay na kami ng tiyan ko. Pero dahil pumapak na naman ako ng kape at maanghang na pagkain, ayuun, umaalma na naman ang maarte kong tiyan.

So, umuwi nalang ako at umabsent sa trabaho dahil ayokong magsusuka doon sa school  (sintomas ng dyspepsia, by the way, di ako preggy hoyy). Mahirap nang ma-issuehan na buntis. Baka magkaroon ng World War Z at bigla kong matapon yung napkin kong suot2x as of the moment.

Kshare. :P

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Have you forgotten the power of His sacrifice? Have you forgotten the validity of His promises? Have you forgotten the security of salvation? Have you lost sight of all this beautiful truth that’s supposed to be enveloping your fears and insecurities with peace and full assurance that He is who He says He is regardless of the darkness you see within yourself. He sees it too, and He didn’t flinch at the sight. He didn’t go anywhere. So let the gratitude fill you to the brim and know that you weren’t ever expected to pretend and you have no reason to hide. If you’ve got darkness, stop wasting your time trying to mask and manage its presence. Did you look around and believe that you might be the only one with things you’re ashamed of? Who taught you to hide like your father Adam? Don’t you remember how God called out for Him? Who told you to pretend you’re something you’re not? The cross has made a way for you to not cower like Adam. Who told you this is about you? This is about God—His power, His love, His plan, and His redemption. Did you forget that your only hope is in the light that came for you and came after you? Stop hiding from your only hope. Invite the light in and let it flood your darkness. Its persistence dissolves once it’s confronted by light. Don’t defend the manifestations of your old self. Invite the light to fill its place. There’s no reason to guard the corruption that has nothing to offer you but loneliness and fear. Make provisions for it in one area and it will make no apologies when it threatens the rest of you. Willingly expose the darkness you’ve hidden in your corners. You don’t have it under control if it’s controlling you, and if you’re not being honest about its presence in your life, it is surely controlling you. It will forfeit its power the instant it’s exposed, so turn the light on and trust the character and promises of God who has claimed those corners as His own. He’s not afraid of your condition. Why are you?

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